Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Physical Legacy – Two Months to Live

Imagine if the next time you crossed the road you were hit by a bus.
What physical relics of your life would be left behind?  Old love letters? Bank statements? Embarrassing diary entries?
What wouldn’t be found? Unarticulated ideas? Unfinished projects? Unwritten letters?

In the two months I have left to live [it's just pretend] I intend on doing a physical stock-take of all of the "stuff" I would leave behind if I were to die.  I will condense, throw-out, reconcile and re-gift.  My areas of concern are:

1)   Whatever is in my bedside table

2)   Under our house

3)   Whatever is on my old forgotten laptop

After this mega-cull, at the end of December, I will have produced a small time-capsule to mark this moment in my life.  It will include:

1)   A short book: “Mollosophy – A Series of Morals Informing a Body of Words”. For my young son Oscar.  So that if I were to die in December, he could understand my philosophy of life.

2)   Photo backup disc and album of the moments I would wish to be remembered.

3)   CD of all my recorded songs thus far for inflicting future moments of cringe-worthy embarrassment on the people I love.

Would anyone dare to join me? What’s under your bed?

What of you would be lost if you left right now?

Come to think of it, maybe those songs SHOULD be left floating in the ether...

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